Robyn Muldoon

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The Communion Dress

“I loved the netting and the style of the dress the lace embroidery was so classy and the diamond belt finished the look off perfect . I also loved how it twirled out really wide it made Robyn really happy”

Her Communion Day

“Robyns communion day was so so special from the moment she slipped into her dress to receiving her holy bread to then finishing it off with her amazing party. she beamed with smiles all day..”

Brand Experience

“We really enjoyed our shopping experience in Koko collections as they made us feel really welcome and attended to every need possible that we had. Robyn loved the way the staff made her feel like a real princess and they were very friendly and helpful.. and the fitting rooms and large mirrors was just out of this world real large spacious shop and dressing rooms

Content supplied by Hazel Muldoon, published by KoKoKids on behalf of Hazel Muldoon.

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