Amber Mbatha

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Communion Dresses 2018 | 0 comments

The Communion Dress

“Amber had chosen the Wendy dress with diamanté. We love how sparkly it is under lights and in the sun. We also love how the bottom of the dress comes out when Amber twirls around in it. She got so many compliments because of her dress and it is just fabulous altogether.”

Her Communion Day

“On Amber’s communion day we were both relaxed and excited. The dress was so easy to put on and everyone who saw Amber said she looked like a real princess. We had also bought a beautiful tiara from Koko collections and it completed the look. Amber said she felt comfortable from the moment she put the dress on until the moment it came off. (Several hours later) She even got some compliments from strangers telling her she was wearing the best/nicest dress they’d ever seen. This experience couldn’t have been any better and I’m happy to say Amber feels the same and had the best day ever!”

Brand Experience

“Our experience at koko collections was amazing. One of the girls looked after Amber and had helped her to try on all of the dresses she had liked until she decided which one she liked the most. The staff are so lovely and have the patience of a saint. They made Amber feel like a real princess and a very important person. She loved every moment of it and we will definitely go back again.”

Samantha Cummins
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